DS Race & Track-Coaching ...

... means passion, perfection and system. I pass on my years of experience as a professional race instructor and racing driver to you. Active co-driving, reference laps as well as data and video analysis with the Race Navigator, exactly tailored to your needs.

Personal Track Coaching

A small sample of how racetrack coaching – Personal Track Coaching (PTC) – works. Adapted to a newcomer, the coach drives first and sets the line. Afterwards, the driver changes and the coach sits in the passenger seat live in the car. The perfect way to improve for the next rounds.

Another example of racetrack coaching with a very experienced pilot. Here, it is no longer about the line, but about expanding one’s comfort zone in order to improve as best as possible. Here, it is the coach’s task to identify the weaknesses and eliminate them together with the pilot.

Reference laps by the coach are also part of a racetrack coaching – Personal Track Coaching (PTC). Adapted to the pilot, these laps serve as a template for data and video analysis. From this, the need for improvement can be derived and worked through step by step with the pilot.